The Power Of Sight

I was set the task of producing a short film. I was given a list of 3 objects which needed to feature in it. The objects were spectacles, a bin and paper.

I had watched some of Charlie Chaplin’s “The Count” and Buster Keaton’s “Back Stage” out of my own free will a few days prior to being given this project, so I already knew what style my video would follow. I found them entertaining to watch, and the humour was brought through the over-exaggerated acting and facial expressions. I noticed that they all followed simple storylines due to the absence of dialogue, which was something I wanted to bring to my short film.

I wanted to produce a short film based on a very simple idea, so I decided to have someone throw paper into a bin, but keep missing the bin. They find some glasses, and put them on. They try throwing paper into the bin again and succeed each time. As it was such a simple idea, it allowed for me to have only one actor in it. The only problem was that with the deadline creeping closer and closer, and not being able to find a suitable time for me to film with someone else actual in it, I had to act in it.

To be honest, I was pretty nervous acting in my own film as I’m usually the one behind the camera. So having to change roles and be an actor kinda intimidated me at first, but is soon adjusted to my new task of setting the camera to record and going to act.

When it came to editing, as I’d filmed chronologically, I was able to quickly edit the film together. Kdenlive has some video effects built into the program, so I used those to make my film look like a silent film. I was able to film chronologically as there was only one setting; a playground. If I have more than one setting/location, I’ll film what needs to be filmed in one location and then move to the next. That way, I won’t waste time returning to locations I’ve already filmed in for the same project.

(Watch the video here.)


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