Spiders Just Want Their Senpai To Notice Them

I don’t even remember exactly where I got the idea for this video from. I think I was listening to some Japanese music and saw a spider when the idea clicked. I wanted to create something short and different to anything I’ve planned in the past, so I guess this came out from that.

Like spiders are always getting shit for just minding their own business. And I’m talking about house spiders we get in the UK. I mean, they try to stay out of our way and people just kill them. I normally take the spider out so people won’t see the poor soul and kill them. So because spiders get so much hate for what they do, I thought I’d take my own spin on it and turn them into cute, kawaii creatures.

And that pun at the start? I didn’t even notice what it was until I was in editing and changed it to incorporate it. And yes, I did voice that otaku. I’m gonna regret that in the future…

(Watch the video here.)


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